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Lessons from Legends : J K Rowling



“It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us.”

                                                                                      J K Rowling

Author ( Harry Potter Series)

  1. Don’t let your failures stop you: J K Rowling failed many times. Rejections and failures were once a part of her life. But she never stops herself from following her passion for writing. Hence, we must use our failures like a stepping stones to success.
  1. Hard work pays off: Rowling worked day and night and constantly strived for success for years. She never quit and rest we all know. She teaches us to keep trying harder and harder towards our goals and dreams.
  1. Magic of kindness: Rowling believes in giving and helping others. She’s a genuine kind person and has donated a large part of her wealth to the ones in need. Her generous nature inspires us to contribute to make this world a better place.
  1. Happiness in a choice: She suffered from clinical depression after her mother’s death. Rowling was jobless and a single mother but she didn’t give up and fought through her depression and emerged as a strong lady. She decided to make her life happy and worth living. We must learn from her personal story and get inspired.