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Lessons from the Life of Sheryl Sandberg


 “It is the Ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It’s also a very clear path to happiness.”

                                                                       -Sheryl Sandberg

                                                                            COO of Facebook

  1. Make your life worth living: It doesn’t matter what happens in life, one must always try to make it better. What makes her special is her optimism. Sadly, she lost her husband in may 2015, but didn’t let the sadness impact her life for long and soon accepted the fact. Problems and losses are a part of life but it never stopped her from moving on. Sheryl believes in making the life ahead more beautiful.
  1. Teamwork is the key to success: Sheryl is self- confident and trusts in her team and team work. An inspiring leader, She knows how to use her mind and skills to bring a team as one and work towards achieving the goal. She motivates and influences others at all levels. Facebook’s success says it all.
  1. Be inspirational, motivate others: Sheryl isn’t just a successful entrepreneur but also inspires others with her talks. She supports other women to not just grow in business but as people in life. A motivational speaker, Sandberg promotes women empowerment in order to make this world a better place to live, especially for women.
  1. Be Charismatic: Sandberg is one of those leaders who have this unique warmth and presence that sets them apart from others. People are driven towards them. The power of touching people’s hearts and souls at the same time. Having a charismatic personality makes you an extraordinary leader.