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The Best Daughter-in-law in the World!


Out of all the roles we play, ‘daughter-in-law’ is the one we are most excited as well as nervous about. Here are few tips which might help you to win everyone’s heart:

  • Be Adaptable: It’s a new phase of life. New relations, new home, new responsibilities. Don’t be scared. Be flexible and open to change.
  • Be Positive: Don’t ever think you can’t manage your relationships. Especially with your mother-in-law, give her time to understand you. Maintain a positive attitude towards her and other family members.
  • Communicate and be friendly: Don’t be shy. It is always better to talk it out what you feel. This will help establishing a rapport between you and your new family. Have a healthy discussion with your new family members. Your mother-in-law could help you in knowing more about the family. Ask her for advices and suggestions.
  • Don’t pretend: Be true to yourself and your in-laws. Do not portray something you are not. It might take time for them to understand you. Give them chance and time to know you better.
  • Respect others: Give respect to everyone. Not just because you’re a daughter-in-law, but in life you can earn respect only when you give respect. Respect other’s opinion and put forward yours. It is important for family members to respect each other, it builds trust and strong relationships.
  • Keep Calm: Every normal family fights and has arguments. It is important to maintain your calm in order to resolve issues. Discuss the issue and try to fix it. But also, do not tolerate something which isn’t right.