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Be HEALTHY, Be HAPPY – More Power to You “GIRLS”


We all know the importance of health but in the hustle and bustle of our lives, most of us take our bodies for granted. Women-ID organized an Interactive Workshop & Health Awareness Drive for young girls & kids with leading female Doctor Savneet Soni with an objective to encourage, support and create awareness around women related health issues.

Without good health, life loses its quality and it becomes difficult to cope with common health issues and even future physical & mental growth gets affected. Hence, Dr. Soni advised to inculcate good hygienic habits and a priority among the young girls for visiting their General Practitioner once or twice a year. She also underlined the importance of immunization for prevention of certain diseases.

The foremost step towards becoming proactive for ensuring good health is regular health check-ups that can help detect issues or deficiencies even before they manifest. Clinical tests also help detect diseases during early stages, when the treatment is easy and recovery is quick. Through this interaction, Women-ID team reiterated the fact everyone especially the young girls should prioritize health care, screening, and timely treatment which is a must to ensure a longer, healthier & happier life.

 It goes without saying only “healthy & strong women can help make the family, society and the world a more Healthier & Happier place to live”.