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Lessons from the life of Angela Merkel


Whoever decides to dedicate their life to politics knows that earning money isn’t the top priority.”                            

                                                                        -Angela Merkel

The chancellor of Germany

  1. Stay Calm no matter what – Patience, intellectual rigor and a ferocious focus are the things Merkel is known for, the architect of European Union and de facto leader who steered the union from two existential crises, the debt of Greece and the refugees’ issue. Angela imparts us with the gift of keeping a calm logical mind in times of chaos.
  1. Take Charge to lead – To spearhead the European Union is no easy business, she handles pressure efficiently and doesn’t bow down to it. Teaching us all to remain stern and handle our difficulties head on because excuses do not get anyone anywhere.
  1. Planning is the Key -She knew things a cabinet minister possibly wouldn’t; like the captain of a ship at the back end but knowing where to steer and how to steer. It makes us think of how inconsistencies exist at any place but with proper planning/ you can overcome them.
  1. Be eloquent– As much as she is good with handling situations; Merkel also has a very neat grasp of how articulate things need to be. An example was the eulogy of the ex-chancellor of Germany where Angela talked about herself as much as the deceased with thorough assurance. Again reminding us that talent if combined with perseverance can win us laurels.
  1. Stay informed instead of being opinionated – Before reaching to any conclusion, Angela enforces strict control on information, emphasizing the necessity of absolute fairness and confidentiality in all matters. Hence, we learn that being well-informed is crucial in any form of leadership.
  1. Work Hard , Party Harder. – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and it applies to all human beings. Angela too believes in the same philosophy. Without compromising with her work, she tries to take out some time-off from her busy schedule to meet up and have fun with her friends and family.