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A Bowl of Healthy Grains a day…


It’s time to add a bowl of healthy grains to your diet.

‘Farro’ is that delicious healthy grain that you’ve been looking for all these years. This nutty grain tastes appetizing and goes well with soups, salads and other healthy dishes. And not only it is delicious but it also helps to lose weight. Yes, it isn’t gluten free but the amount is very less as compared to the other grains.

It’s tough to break down

It has complex carbohydrates like cyanogenic glucosides that not only boosts your immunity but also stabilize the blood sugar level. It takes longer to digest as it is high in carbs. It helps to lower cholesterol level and maintains the energy levels in your body.

It’s filled with Fiber

This fiber-rich whole grain is the best amongst all. Farro keeps your tummy satisfied for hours. It not only provides you with good healthy body but also lessens the risk of diseases. It keeps you away from eating very frequently, helping you to stay fit.

It’s packed with Protein

It contains protein which is much needed for our body to function well. It helps building the necessary muscle mass, keeps energy and sugar levels stable as well as helps to increase satiety and maintains body weight.

It’s loaded with Nutrients

Farro is a source of nutrients. It is able to not only fulfill the daily requirement of iron in the body but is rich in magnesium which is helpful in depression and menstrual pain. Vitamin B and zinc are also present in it. A cup of farro in the morning can stimulate your immune system and improve overall health.