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LOOK – Glowing & Glorious


Let’s Care:

It’s not easy to take care of your skin especially when you’re a lady with a busy and hectic schedule. But skin is something which requires attention. Here are few healthy habits to adopt :


  • Drink right – Drink plenty of water (around 8 glasses per day) and eat fruits and vegetables with high water content. Hydration is important for a radiant skin.
  • Eat healthy – A healthy diet must include fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C rich diet promotes healthy skin. A sufficient amount of a protein in necessary and maintain a low sugar diet. Avoid unhealthy fats, too spicy or fried food.
  • Don’t touch it – Avoid touching your face again and again. It can cause breakouts or lead to the transfer of bacteria or flue. Keep your hands and face clean.
  • Sleep well – Just like us, our skin needs sleep too. We need 8 hours of sleep to maintain a healthy body. Too much strain on eyes can cause dark circles. Also, we should remove make up before going to bed.
  • Be gentle – Strong soaps and usage of too many products must be avoided. Avoid washing with hot water for longer. Apply correct moisturisers (according to your skin type). Avoid rubbing or scarring.
  • Avoid stress – Keep as calm as possible. Stress can lead to skin problems like breakouts. Try to manage your stress, mediate and exercise.
  • Protect it – Avoid direct sun. It can cause skin problems and can lead to skin cancer. Use sunscreen before going out, cover your skin with protective clothing to prevent sun tan that takes forever to fade.
  • Keep it clean – Wash your skin daily as it removes dust and bacteria. The tools that you use must be clean as well as the clothes that you wear.
  • Do Exercise – Exercise keeps body fit and fine. In order to maintain the glow and radiance of your skin it is important to workout regularly. Cardio and yoga routine will help to maintain a healthy body and glowing skin.