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Keep Her Beautiful !!


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Today, when the whole world is celebrating Environment Day by planting trees, cleaning up their surroundings and promoting awareness about nature; we – the women may also contribute to the noble cause and initiate a small step towards preserving our mother earth.

Let’s resolve that we shall promote use of bio-degradable and toxin-free sanitary products essentially with less plastic in form of so called ‘super absorbent polymers’.

We shall carefully dispose all the sanitary waste; protecting the hygiene and cleanliness in our environment.

We shall not allow the non-degradable sanitary waste clog up our road sides, sewerage systems, soil, air and water reservoirs.

In order to avoid health and environment risks, we shall further help in creating awareness about adopting safer methodologies and interventions for disposal and treatment of menstrual waste.

With this small gesture,  we shall not only be able to take care of our personal health & hygiene, but we will also be ensuring that everyone around us is protected from adverse health and environment hazards.

Let’s make our Environment more Healthy & Safe !