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Hey Mom!


Mother knows her children very well and is closest to their hearts. But sometimes it is difficult to understand what exactly do they expect from you, isn’t it?

Let’s make your parenting job a little easy. Here are few things they might never say to you but they surely want:


  • They want you to sit with them: Remember, communication is, essential. In order to maintain a healthy relationship with your children, go sit with them. It will not only make them feel special but also you’ll get to know them better.
  • They want you to enjoy with them: It doesn’t matter how many friends they have, you will always be their first friend. Watch a movie or go out for a picnic, you will see them cheerful and happy throughout the day. Days like these must be planned atleast once a week.
  • They want you to treat them like a friend: Children love when they are treated as friends. Talk to them like a friend. They become so happy when you discuss something with them or ask for their opinions or let them help you. Also, this strengthens the bond.
  • They want you to listen to them: Everyone needs someone to listen to them. Usually kids have a lot to say. Be a good listener and let them speak. When there’s no one available for them, they either learn to keep things to themselves or seek happiness outside home. It is your duty to be available to them when they need you.
  • They want you to show love and affection: The nurturing care that mothers provide is what every child yearns for. Small little gestures are enough for them to feel loved. Cuddle, Hug them and give them your time. They don’t need much. All they need is your love.