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Planets not so favourable for Angelina and Brad !!


Celebrity astrologer in Bollywood Mahesh bang who reads stars for the film-stars shares his astrological interpretation with us and throws some light on the most famous couple of the century in Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie was born on June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles.  Her time of birth is 9:09 am. Jolie had a difficult childhood as she was born in Mercury Mahadasha . Her parents divorced when she was little and was raised by her mother in difficult circumstances. As a teenager she had scandalous behaviour when she was just a struggling model. Mercury being in the twelfth house was bound to give her hardships.

Her rise in life began during her Venus Mahadasha which began in 1995. Venus being positioned in the first house & aspected by Jupiter, she became an international figure at this time. Venus is natural lord for modeling, glamour, acting in films, relationship, love-life .So she got her breakthrough in the film industry and gave several hit movies.

Jolie has also been named as one of the most beautiful women in the world.  This is because of the presence of Venus in the first house. This house is indicative of a beautiful face & attractive personality .Jolie has been actively involved in humanitarian work and donated millions of dollars to charitable institutions. This is all because of the present of Jupiter in its own house i.e. in 9th house in her birth chart that makes a person very generous and kind.

In early 2005 Jolie was involved in a scandalous split that took place between Brad Pitt and his then wife Jennifer Anniston.  At that time she was ruled by Venus (major planet) and sub ruled by Rahu.  Venus is the natural significator of the seventh house and also aspecting the seventh house  which denotes love affairs, marriage & intimacy.  So her serious relationship started with Brad Pitt but since the Antardasha (sub ruling planet) was that of Rahu (gives shadow effect), her relationship with him caused a scandal. Her 20 years of Venus dasha finished last year. So, as soon as this dasha finished since they started having problems in their marriage.

Now her current ruling planet is sun. Although this planet will give her lots of wealth and popularity but on the other hand her relationship may have to pay the price. In Brad Pitt’s birth chart the planet Mars is situated in Sagittarius sign and on 18th September 2016, the planet Mars’s transit over Sagittarius sign resulted in their separation being acknowledged.

Brad Pitt born on December 18, 1963 has a remarkable chart for wealth, money and success. He has five planets in Sagittarius in the 2nd house of wealth, money, handsome face. The power of this house has made all these areas profound throughout his life.

The seventh house in Vedic Astrology deals with love affairs, marriage, and intimacy. In Brad Pitt’s chart Venus is the lord of the seventh house which is posited in the third house accompanied by Saturn. This combination of Venus and Saturn in the third house of desires means Brad Pitt will have a great number of love affairs, premarital as well as extramarital affairs. Saturn is also the third lord in third hence his relationships would break up just so that he could begin them a new.

Brad Pitt began his second major relationship with Jennifer Aniston in May 1998 when he was ruled by the dasha of Rahu into Venus This affair too began under the influence of a planet situated in the third house and hence was on shaky grounds from the beginning. This relationship however lasted for seven years which comprised the rest of Rahu Mahadasha. But no sooner than Jupiter Mahadasha began, cracks became noticeable in this rare, successful Hollywood relationship.

Jupiter is the fifth lord in Brad Pitt’s chart and is positioned in the fifth house, which also rules love affairs, etc. Thus, in Jupiter period Brad Pitt had another love affair with Angelina Jolie.

Now Brad Pitt is under the influence of  Jupiter Mahadasha ( ending soon) and Mars dasha ,this period may conclude his relationship with Angelina Jolie. Secondly, from next year onward he will be under Saturn Sade Sati , so he may face tough time financially and emotionally. Difficult time may continue until September 2019.As soon as the planet Mars will transit over Capricorn sign after few months from now there is a slim chance for him to resolve his issues with Jolie. During this time, he may seek positive outcomes if he approaches her with no ego. However I eventually see it is very difficult for them to maintain the relationship due to the planetary configuration and its effect may pose even more difficult times and challenges for him in near future.


Mahesh Bang | Durban
Celebrity Astrologer