No More Violence against WOMEN !


    Gender Based violence is as old as human existence but even after thousands of years of civilization, Women still have to face some or the other kind of physical, mental or psychological violence.

    Today on the occasion of the UN’s International Day for elimination of violence against Women, WomenID Editorial Team takes up this very important issue to reach out to the women and support UN’s noble initiative of promoting awareness to end violence against women and girls.

    While we gather and present here a relevant background to highlight issues for preventing and stopping violence against women, we request all our readers to read, share, discuss this issue to mobilise more and more people towards making a future free from violence against women.

    So let’s promise ourselves that we will not tolerate violence. Be it at home, at workplace or in public, we will FIGHT BACK!

    How violence against women can be eliminated?

    UNDERSTAND: It is not just a violation of  human rights but is also a heinous crime. Rape, domestic violence, dowry deaths, female infanticide, honour killings, female genital mutilation, human trafficking, sex slavery mental, physical, or sexual harassment, are few among the most detestable acts of violence against women. Violence in any form is intolerable as it defies the natural right of equality and even disregards the dignity of a woman. It is important to identify the root causes for violence and take proper actions to discourage such misdeeds and perpetrators of violence.

    DISCUSS : Majority of such cases remain unreported because women shy away from disclosing due to fear of social exclusion, social stigma and bullying by others. Further, there is an apprehension of counter accusation and increased public humiliation. Sometimes even their families discourage them from raising voice against such crimes. It is the need of the hour to open up, allow & encourage open discussion about the violence women face, to put a permanent end to it.

    SUPPORT TO STOP VIOLENCE: A supportive and friendly environment is a must for ensuring that there is no hesitation in discussing such issues with guardian, teachers, friends or family; who can understand the issue and help women escalate & report it to the appropriate authorities.

    As much as it is important to not tolerate any form of violence, it is equally important to support the morale of victims instead of judging, preaching or finding their faults. Anything offensive, anything intolerable should be immediately reported. For preventive advice on minor issues, Women have options to seek solutions from NGOs, Women Activists and even online women forums / communities like SHOUTHERE.

    Today, WomenID extends an appeal – “not to concede & compromise instead raise your voice against violence and stand up for your rights”. You can voice out and share your issues, concerns, opinions, emotions, feelings, and thoughts with exclusive women community at SHOUTHERE where without being judged, you can take help from others and can help others as well.

    Violence is ugly. It shouldn’t be perpetrated. Let’s come together and stop it !